To connect your .NET application to InterSystems IRIS® data platform, use the following steps, logging into GitHub if necessary.
First, open Microsoft Visual Studio.

  1. Select View > Team Explorer.
  2. In the Team Explorer – Connect pane, select Local Git Repositories > Clone.
  3. Copy and paste https://github.com/intersystems/Samples-dotnet-helloworld into the URL box, and click Clone.

Next, update the sample code and run it.

  1. Double-click HelloWorld.sln to see the files in the solution, then open helloworld.cs.
  2. Configure the username, password, IP address, and port for your instance (see InterSystems IRIS Connection Information) using the variable declarations.
  3. Press the F5 key to run the program.
  4. A command window displays the following message:
    Hello World! You have successfully connected to InterSystems IRIS. Press any key to continue.