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InterSystems IRIS Evaluation

If you do not already have InterSystems IRIS® data platform installed, there are many ways that you can get a free evaluation version.

Learning Labs Sandbox

InterSystems Learning Labs lets you quickly and easily launch an instance of InterSystems IRIS for training, development, and testing, with a free 30-day license. It also includes an integrated IDE, which works a lot like VS Code, and plenty of samples to try. And if you are more comfortable coding on your desktop, you can easily connect your own IDE.

Community Edition

InterSystems IRIS Community Edition comes with a free built-in 13-month license. You can deploy Community Edition in two ways:

  • Provision a cloud node hosting a running InterSystems IRIS Community Edition container on the Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, or Amazon Web Services public cloud platforms.
  • Pull the container image from the Docker Store and deploy an InterSystems IRIS Community Edition container on the system of your choice.

For detailed instructions on deploying and using InterSystems IRIS Community Edition in the cloud or on your own system, see Getting Started with InterSystems IRIS Community Edition.