This section provides instructions for connecting your favorite Python-focused IDE, such as PyCharm, Spyder, IDLE/IdleX, or Vim to InterSystems IRIS®. When you have connected using the following steps, logging into GitHub if necessary, you can explore the InterSystems IRIS Native API for Python using the First Look: InterSystems IRIS Native API for Python.
  1. In your web browser, download or clone
  2. In your IDE, open the folder you recently downloaded or cloned from GitHub, then open
  3. Configure the username, password, IP address, and port for your instance (see InterSystems IRIS Connection Information) using the variable declarations.
  4. In the Terminal of your IDE, complete the following steps:
    1. Install the InterSystems Native API for Python using one of the following commands:
      • Microsoft Windows: pip install wheel\irisnative-1.0.0-cp34.cp35.cp36.cp37-none-win_amd64.whl
      • UNIX®/Linux: pip install wheel/irisnative-1.0.0-cp34-abi3-linux_x86_64.whl
      • Apple macOS:pip install wheel/irisnative-1.0.0-cp34-abi3-macosx_10_13_x86_64.macosx_10_14_x86_64.whl
    2. Run the code with the command python
  5. The Output pane displays the message
    Hello World! You have successfully connected to InterSystems IRIS.