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No matter which path you choose for your hackathon project, you can do it with InterSystems IRIS!

Whether you need fast and reliable data storage, an integration engine to tie together various APIs and data sources, or the same healthcare interoperability framework that powers medical networks across the globe — InterSystems IRIS can be the power behind it.

Learn the technology

Explore videos, exercises, and documentation that quickly get you started along the path to building the next breakthrough innovation in healthcare. Whether you’re looking to connect your health systems, use FHIR APIs, integrate health devices, or simply get started with HL7, the resources you need to learn are at your fingertips.

If you dive into an exercise, you can use the lab environment hosted by InterSystems. The video below will orient you to that lab, but you’ll want to follow Step 2 once you’re ready to code!

FHIR is a REST-based healthcare standard for interacting with electronic medical records. See the HL7 website for more information.

Set up your project

When you’re ready to get your project started, you can download the resources provided here. The video below will walk you through the steps to clone the COVID-19 hackathon project and connect a Visual Studio Code IDE to the instance of the IRIS data platform.

For assistance with the steps below, contact your hackathon mentor.

Below are three base templates and three additional templates that can help you to build your project. Follow the README instructions for each resource to clone these packages and get them set up on your system.

Base Templates

NameResourcesTime to Pull/RunSpace Needed
FHIR & IAM Application TemplateGitHub Repository15 minutes~20-30 GB
REST-Enabled Application TemplateGitHub Repository3 minutes~3 GB
Basic InterSystems IRIS for HealthDocker Store Listing1 minute~3 GB


Add-On Templates

NameResourcesTime to Pull/RunSpace Needed
MQTT Healthcare TemplateGitHub Repository5 minutes~10-15 GB
COVID-19 Analytics (NLP) *GitHub Repository15 minutes~7 GB
COVID-19 Analytics (Visualization)GitHub Repository3 minute~3 GB

* The NLP template is also hosted for direct use and API access at https://covid19nlp.intersystems.com/ with the entire COVID-19 Open Research Database loaded.

You can also browse the listings in the COVID-19 Tag on Open Exchange for the latest helpful resources.

Full-Stack tutorial

This is the tutorial that was presented Friday night in the workshop.

Create the basic information management infrastructure for coffee roastery, IRIS Coffee Company. Our company roasts, packages, and sells delicious, freshly roasted coffee beans direct to consumers on their online store. Along the way, you’ll learn how the InterSystems IRIS data platform can serve as the backbone of your IT architecture.

Get started hacking

As you tackle this hackathon and build an application that solves such an important problem, mentors from InterSystems are here to support you throughout the weekend. Reach out to your mentor with any questions you may have — even if you just need a sounding board for your ideas!

If you would like to use IntegratedML — the newly released machine learning component of InterSystems IRIS Advanced Analytics — you can use the resources below to learn more:

Start Learning