Why Multi-Model?

InterSystems IRIS Multimodel SQL and Object Access

Need to work with a set of data both relationally and as objects? See how InterSystems IRIS provides out-of-the-box capabilities to do this without the overhead of using an object-relational mapping tool.

InterSystems IRIS Multimodel Easy Integration with JSON/XML

Need to work with JSON or XML data? InterSystems IRIS supports multiple inheritance and provides several built-in tools to easily convert between XML, JSON, and objects as you go.

InterSystems IRIS Multimodel Dynamic Data with JSON

If you are trying to consume JSON data and use it in your application, use the multi-model tools of InterSystems IRIS to dynamically convert between JSON, objects (using the Document Data Model), and SQL to use the data in just the way you need.

Multi-Inheritance, Multi-Model Environment

See how, with InterSystems IRIS and its support of multiple inheritance, you can save development time and create a highly flexible application that lets you view data the way you need it.

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